Mellow Gaming: Grand Theft Auto V


I thought it would make a nice change to play a game with Paul on Mellow Gaming that people might actually want to watch/give two shits about. With that in mind we’re playing Grand Theft Auto V. We’ve recorded 2 hours of the game which will be posted here gradually over the next few weeks. There’s still some Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed to come too so please do check that post from time to time. Obviously, once we’re done with GTA V We’ll go back to the usual games no-one cares about. For now, click the link for some GTA V action.

Part One: Intros and casual racism.

Part Two: Escaping the rozzers and joy riding.

Part Three: Glass made of steel and a confused Lamar.

Part Four: Paul speaks!

Part Five: Cutscene extravaganza!

Part Six: Chasing a Broat!

Part Seven: Road rage and trash bag hos.

Part Eight: The dog’s bollocks

Part Nine: Gay dog sex and extra marital affairs!

Part Ten: Car chases and more cutscenes! GTA V is a cutscene extravaganza!

Part Eleven: The core of GTA style gameplay, clothes shopping and listening to jerks talk!


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Just a dude who likes movies and games and has delusions of working in one of those industries. Write screenplays and work on short films in my spare time. Most of which never get finished. View all posts by lvl54spacemonkey

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