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Games Review No.5: The Walking Dead


Available on: Xbox 360, PS3, PC, OSX, iOS
Version reviewed: Xbox 360

It’s been nearly a month since my last post on The Games Dump. This is because of laziness. Nothing else, just being lazy. Won’t be such a long wait for the next review, maybe 2 reviews though. I’ve become quite the fan of The Walking Dead over the years. I dabbled with the Robert Kirkman scribed comic briefly but never got around to buying the collected issues, really should do that. Mostly I’m a fan of the TV series though. Either way, I’m a fan. Just not as hardcore as some are. As such, when it was announced that Telltale games would be developing an adventure game based on the comic books I was pretty interested in seeing what they would do. But at the same time I was apprehensive of their ability to produce a game good enough for me to get past the technical failings a lot of their adventure games have. Does The Walking Dead manage to prove that good writing can hold a game up alone? Click the link to find out.

Why is no-one in The Walking Dead universe aware of the zombie mythos?


Games Review No.4: WWE 13

Fun fact: I like wrestling. Been a fan since the mid to late 80s, grew up watching Bret Hart, Hogan, The Ultimate Warrior and so forth punching each other in the rough vicinity of the head. I enjoyed the showmanship, the action and the fun of watching a clown wrestle a voodoo priest. When I was a lad wrestling games were a big pile of turd that failed entirely to reflect what the show was about.. I used to play games like Super Wrestlemania (which I have just realised is in my SNES right now) WWF Raw and other such messy wrestling games. Kids today love to complain about how crappy modern wrestling games are but believe me, they’re light years ahead of what we had back then. THQ (God rest their soul… maybe) have been making WWE’s wrestling games for about 12 years now. What they brought to the table was more of the storylines and presentation of the TV shows themselves. So after all this time making these games how have they progressed with their latest WWE game? Click the link to read my review!

No I’m not gonna ask if this is the best there is, the best there was and the best there ever will be.