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Mellow Gaming: Super Amazing Wagon Adventure Turbo

Super Amazing Wagon Adventure Turbo

I thought we’d go for something a little bit different for the latest Mellow Gaming episode. Instead of some big flashy game that has 4 billion videos on the Youtubes we, instead, are playing a tiny little game that only costs 69p. So here’s me making Paul play Super Amazing Wagon Adventure Turbo! If you like what you see then go buy the game. Video is after the link!

This link has dysentery and has died.


Mellow Gaming: Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed


I’ve reviewed Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed on this site already. You’ve only got to cycle back a few posts for that. The game is criminally under-rated and deserved way more sales than it received. So here’s a Mellow Gaming video about 5 people will watch to help you see just how brilliantly fun and fast paced the game is. People have been calling the reveal of Mario kart 8 as looking like a hybrid of Mario Kart and F-Zero. That’s silly because Mario Kart is not fast. F-Zero is fast. Sonic Racing is fast. Hell, Nintendo should get Sumo Digital to handle an F-Zero game for the Wii U seeing as they can’t come up with any ideas themselves as to what to do with the franchise. Anyway, Sonic Racing Transformed, videos after the link!

Gotta go fast!!

These Streets Be Full Of Rage… 3


Finally got around to making new Mellow Gaming videos. One day I’ll make a new Retro-Perspective. Anyway, this time Myself and Paul decided to play some Streets of Rage 3… after I had to purchase the Streets of Rage collection from Xbox live because Streets of Rage 2 would only start up as a trial. Despite me having achievements for it. And having redownloaded it. And being online. Yay for online DRM requirements eh? Anyway, click the link below to watch the various parts as I get around to uploading them!

My rage has never been so unbridled.

Mellow Gaming With Ant & Paul: This Time We Play Sin & Punishment


So this is a thing I do now. Last week I posted a few videos of me and my mate Luke playing a session of Wet on the PS3. Decided to share this commentary fun out with another buddy of mine named Paul and together we played some Sin & Punishment: Successor to the Skies (Star Successor in the US) on the Wii. It’s a into the screen shooter, kind of a modern take on Space Harrier, by Shmup legends Treasure. The game is actually a sequel to a Sin & Punishment game that appeared on the N64, although not here in the UK. At least not until it was published on the Wii’s Virtual Console a short while back. Anyway, Paul and I were pretty unfamiliar with this here game so we recorded our first ever experience playing it. Click the link to marvel at how much we suck.

Gonna name my metal band Sin & Punishment