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Mellow Gaming: Apocalypse


There was a time when Neversoft was one of the top Playstation 1 developers. Their Spider-man game rocked and their Tony Hawks Skateboarding games were a genuine revolution. Before making either of those games, though, they contracted the talents of Mr Demi Moore himself, Bruce Willis. This was during a period where people had stopped giving a crap about Bruce Willis because he had clearly stopped giving a crap about what he did, and so, he agreed to star in a random game he likely knew nothing about and probably forgot existed a week after recording his lines. That game was Apocalypse and it’s actually kinda decent. In this post I’ll be compiling all the videos we made as I upload them to the Youtubes. Click the link to see the videos!

Lock and load!


Mellow Gaming: Future Cop LAPD

Mellow gaming Future Cop thumbnail

So we finally got around to recording something new for Mellow Gaming, although there is at least one more WWE 2K14 video to go. So, we went a bit retro and decided to play a little Future Cop LAPD. This was a game Paul and I played a fair amount in our youth-ish days and was pretty much always in our rotation of dumb action games along with Twisted Metal and Rogue Trip. And now we’re sharing that big dumb fun with you. As usually I’ll post the episodes here as they get put to Youtube over the next few weeks. One day we’ll do a massive recording session and be able to put out vids daily. One day.

You have 15 seconds to comply.

Mellow Gaming: Twisted Metal World Tour

MG Twisted Metal WT Thumbnail

Yes it’s that time again! The time where I bother to get another of these videos made. Gotta love the strict whenever-the-hell-I-feel-like-it schedule I’ve stuck to so rigidly. This time Paul and I are playing the game that made me (and Paul) fall in love with the Playstation, Twisted Metal World Tour. Here’s a game I owned before actually owning a Playstation. That’s how much I liked it. I had to have a copy I could take to my friends whilst I waited to get my own console. Unfortunately, it appears all that time spent playing it 15 years ago hasn’t translated to some sort of latent muscle memory. As you’ll see. Also, Twisted Metal World Tour isn’t the only new Mellow Gaming video we’ve made. There may well be something else coming soon to sit along side this. I say “may well”, I should say that there is. There is another video to come. Click the link for Twisted Metal World Tour fun!

Remember the PSOne Twisted Metals after this? No? Then you’re lucky.

Retro-Perspectives No.1: WWF Attitude

Re-edited the video in the hopes WWE won’t try to remove it again. Not monetising it though cos I’m willing to bet it will get removed.

Well here it is. the first glorious/terrible post on The Games Dump. Took me a while to make this video as, to be honest, I’m a total amateur at all things editing. I did try making a video years back but it was awful. This is my first attempt at actually presenting a look back at a piece of retro gaming. For some reason I chose WWF Attitude for the PSOne. What’s really good about this is that I got halfway through editing it before I realised I had the Dreamcast version of the game. So apologies for the crappy graphics. The Retro-Perspective posts will be similar to this. Mostly factual but light hearted looks at older games. Where possible I’m gonna try to take on ones that don’t often get mentioned. I also have plans to do a few live commentary videos and ones called No Continue where I see how far I can get on a game I suck at without using a continue. Some of those will be short. For now click the link to see my amateurish as hell Retro-Perspective No.1…

Stomp a mudhole in this post.