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Game Review No.8: Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed


Available on: Xbox 360 (version tested), PS3, WiiU, PC, 3DS, Vita

Bit of a mouthful that title. And that’s after they removed the context giving “Sega” from it. Now they’re just all-stars. All-stars of what? I dunno. Not Sega though… If it was it would have said so right? Fun fact, The devs refer to these games internally as SSR, as in Sega Superstar Racing. That was the original title of the first game until the higher ups decide Sonic needed his name all over dat shit. Yup, despite the fact the Sonic games have been spotty at best the last… oooh… 15 years, they figured the name still had enough value to chuck it on the box. At this time I point out that the Super Smash Bros games aren’t called Super Mario and the Smash Bros All-Star Fighting Country Vacation. Dear Sega, you have more characters than Sonic. Maybe if you used them a little more you wouldn’t feel compelled to rely on the blue hog all the time. Anyway, I’ve got a review to write, for a game I will refer to from now on as SSR Transformed. Because sod typing that full title out each time. Also, Sega Superstar Racing sounds better.

Gotta go fast!


Games Review No.6: Spec Ops – The Line


Available on: Xbox 360, PS3 & PC
Version reviewed: Xbox 360

You know, it kinda sucks when great games get largely ignored by the masses. Even more so when the game, outwardly at least, appears to fit directly into the sort of generic cookie cutter design that a lot of the best sellers do, such as, the generally boring as all hell Call Of Duty series. Spec Ops: The Line appears at first glance to be a by the numbers cover based military shooter, the likes of which are everywhere these days. It even spends the first couple of hours convincing you that this is exactly what it is. And then stuff happens. Dark miserable and nasty stuff that sticks with you. The game starts to turn into one of the most memorable and intelligently crafted pieces of drama every produced in the realm of videogames. How does developer Yager manage this? I’ll probably tell you after the jump. That’s if I can do it without spoiling anything.

Fun fact: this game is part of a series of military shooters from years back that no-one remembers now and that this game has little resemblance to.

Games Review No.1: Sleeping Dogs

Version reviewed: PC

So this Games Dump blog of mine is moving kinda slowly, but that was always the intention. It is planned as a side blog to The Film Dump so I could make and post gaming related content somewhere. On The Film Dump I have a rule that I review every film I see. That rule is pretty much the same here. Basically I plan to write a review for every game I play through to completion, be they new, old or very very short. Provided I’ve finished the main game and experienced enough of the surrounding content to feel as though I can write a complete review I will be doing one. This is really the way reviews should be done. I felt compelled to do this after I read one blogger’s review here on WordPress where he passed judgement on a game and towards the end mentioned that he and only played 45 minutes of it. Unless you’re playing Minesweeper I really doubt you could have played the game enough to judge it. Also you should be aware that, just like on The Film Dump, I don’t provide scores. Read the review if you want to know what I think. Anyway, my first review is for Square-Enix’s Sleeping Dogs. Click the jump for the review!

Go find a film called Sleeping Dogs.. I dare ya.