Mellow Gaming: WWE 2K14


One of the few games I’ve bothered to write a review for on this here blog was WWE ’13. Since then THQ has gone bust, 2K Games have picked up the rights to the WWE game series and here it is. I’m not sure if I’ll actually write a review for this due to the amount of time I spend writing stuff for Film Dump and whatnot but, short review, WWE 2K14 is a pretty damn solid game. Still has a few issues but they’re nowhere near the level of glaring issues the last dozen WWE games have had. All told it’s probably the best of this generation. Anyway, Paul and I decided to play some of Universe mode and we recorded it all, along with our boring ass voices for you to “enjoy”. Click the link for the videos which will be added as I get them released.

Part One: Initial confusion and male grunting.

Part Two: Repping it massive for WWE Superstars and A Falls Count Anywhere match with an epic finish! (Please note, finish may not be epic)

Part Three: Cm Punk takes on The Rock on Superstars!!!

Part Four: Dolph Ziggler double bill!

Part Five: CM Punk Vs The Ryback and the first half of Dolph Ziggler Vs John Cena!

Part Six: The conclusion of John Cena Vs Dolph Ziggler and a surprise main event for Extreme Rules!

Part Seven: The conclusion of the WWE Title match and CM Punk Vs Jack Swagger!

Part Eight: Dolph Ziggler vs The Rock and a rematch between Ziggler and CM Punk!

Part Nine: More CM Punk Vs Dolph Ziggler then you can shake a stick at!

Part Ten: The conclusion of the WWE Title match and CM Punk Vs Kane!

Part Eleven: The incredibly slow and anti-climatic conclusion to this whole torrid affair.


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