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Retro-Perspectives No2: Super Mario Bros – The Lost Levels

Hey look at this! I eventually got around to making a second video. I did plan to do a Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon video but had memory card issues that have now been sorted. Instead I covered a game that has always been the bane of my gaming life, Super Mario Bros – The Lost Levels. This game is hard. like really, really hard. Every object and enemy in the game is placed solely to cause pain and misery. Because of this I suck balls at the game and only got as far as world 2-4 after about 90 minutes of play. That’s pretty bad for a Mario game. Anyway, this is my Retro-Perspective video which is where I look at an old game and assess whether it’s still worth playing today. Click the link to see the video!

Bob Hoskins described the Mario Bros movie as “the biggest piece of shit he ever did”.


Retro-Perspectives No.1: WWF Attitude

Re-edited the video in the hopes WWE won’t try to remove it again. Not monetising it though cos I’m willing to bet it will get removed.

Well here it is. the first glorious/terrible post on The Games Dump. Took me a while to make this video as, to be honest, I’m a total amateur at all things editing. I did try making a video years back but it was awful. This is my first attempt at actually presenting a look back at a piece of retro gaming. For some reason I chose WWF Attitude for the PSOne. What’s really good about this is that I got halfway through editing it before I realised I had the Dreamcast version of the game. So apologies for the crappy graphics. The Retro-Perspective posts will be similar to this. Mostly factual but light hearted looks at older games. Where possible I’m gonna try to take on ones that don’t often get mentioned. I also have plans to do a few live commentary videos and ones called No Continue where I see how far I can get on a game I suck at without using a continue. Some of those will be short. For now click the link to see my amateurish as hell Retro-Perspective No.1…

Stomp a mudhole in this post.