Mellow Gaming: Apocalypse


There was a time when Neversoft was one of the top Playstation 1 developers. Their Spider-man game rocked and their Tony Hawks Skateboarding games were a genuine revolution. Before making either of those games, though, they contracted the talents of Mr Demi Moore himself, Bruce Willis. This was during a period where people had stopped giving a crap about Bruce Willis because he had clearly stopped giving a crap about what he did, and so, he agreed to star in a random game he likely knew nothing about and probably forgot existed a week after recording his lines. That game was Apocalypse and it’s actually kinda decent. In this post I’ll be compiling all the videos we made as I upload them to the Youtubes. Click the link to see the videos!

Part One: Paul learns how to make Bruce Willis shoot.

Part Two: Paul forces Bruce Willis to kill himself multiple times over.

Part Three: Paul kills Bruce Willis some more and struggles with the age old art of jumping on things.

Part Four: More of Paul killing Bruce and a little bit of System of a Down.

Part Five: Paul faces down Death himself because he’s that fecking badass!

Part Six: Paul’s battles with gravity continue.

Part Seven: Collapsing platforms in a civilian area.

Part Eight: Zombies and more falling off platforms!

Part Nine: Boss fight time!

Part Ten: Kriss Kross will make you…

Part Eleven: Paul does what John Lennon couldn’t.

Part Twelve: Paul falls off more ledges because he hates life.

Part Thirteen: The Finale


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