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You’re Not The One, But You’re The Xbox One.


I don’t tend to do editorials here, or on The Film Dump for that matter. I could easily. I tend to be prone to the occasional rant about stuff that’s bothering me in the film and games industries, but usually I hold back to let other, more eloquent/humorous people handle that sort of thing. Although I did write quite a rant about that hack Brett Ratner once. It was fun. This week, though, I feel I have been pushed to writing another rant type thing. This isn’t just about the Xbox One. This is about, as I see it, the looming death of the console market and the traditional aspects of gaming. Click the link for my full mass of opinions and semi-informed judgements!

No, I didn’t have a better title to use.


Gaming Legend Elite Is Looking To Be Kickstarted Back Into Your Space… Computer.

Over the course of this last year I’ve found myself backing a few projects on Kickstarter. For those of you that don’t know it’s a website that allows people to pitch creations be they music, products, games, films or events and then ask for interested people to donate a little money to their cause. In essence asking Kicksterter members to financially back their idea. Yesterday games industry legend David Braben asked for your help to get one of the most influential games ever created brought back to modern PCs. Back in the mid 80s Braben and co-developer Ian Bell created the expansive space life sim Elite. There was a sequel in 1993 but since then nothing. After the link I’ll try to convince you to donate.

I backed, will you?