Gaming Legend Elite Is Looking To Be Kickstarted Back Into Your Space… Computer.

Over the course of this last year I’ve found myself backing a few projects on Kickstarter. For those of you that don’t know it’s a website that allows people to pitch creations be they music, products, games, films or events and then ask for interested people to donate a little money to their cause. In essence asking Kicksterter members to financially back their idea. Yesterday games industry legend David Braben asked for your help to get one of the most influential games ever created brought back to modern PCs. Back in the mid 80s Braben and co-developer Ian Bell created the expansive space life sim Elite. There was a sequel in 1993 but since then nothing. After the link I’ll try to convince you to donate.

So what is Elite about? Basically you’re Han Solo and you get to travel around space doing whatever you like. You can be a bounty hunter, you can smuggle goods, you can uphold the law. The original game was one of the first to really let the player play the game how they wanted. Braben and Bell created a form of early procedural generation for Elite that enabled them to map a massive amount of star systems, planets and territories all with their own laws and rules. The sequel even managed to map as much of the galaxy as they could manage. Since then the technology for procedural generation has improved massively, a lot of modern games use it to create their environments such as the lands in the most recent 2 Elder Scrolls games.

So, Braben wants to bring back Elite in the form of Elite: Dangerous with modern bells and whistles such as multiplayer, cutting edge graphics and various other modern features that just didn’t exist back when the last game was released in the early 90s. He’s hoping to raise £1.25 million, which is a lot, but Obsidian managed much more than that with their Kickstarter for Project Eternity recently so it’s very manageable. Donation amounts start from £10. To net a copy of the game you’ll need to donate at least £20 but that price is only available for a limited number of people, after that it’ll be £30. Think of it as pre-payment for a game you’d like to play.

You can sign up to and donate at Kickstarter RIGHT HERE!!!

I’m sure many of you out there will be able to find versions of the original games out there to try in order to help you decide if you want a more modern take, Oolite being one that’s been around a few year. Eve Online is probably the most well known modern take on Elite though. Hopefully Frontier can attract enough people to make this happen because Elite deserves to not be forgotten.


Frontier have added some screenshots and a pitch video. It’s looking just how I hoped it would.

You can follow them on Twitter @EliteDangerous

Seriously, you have no idea how much I want this game to happen.


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